4 Reasons Why You Should Start Steaming Your Hair (In 2022)

Hair steaming is a great way to increase moisture levels in the hair, and ensure each strand absorbs all the good stuff from the hair products you use. In this article we are going to outline reasons why you should start steaming your hair in 2022, and what benefits your hair can gain from this low-maintenance wash day trick.


What Is Hair Steaming?

Hair steaming is the process of using vapour to moisturise and soften the hair, it's a great way to ensure your hair has the right amount of moisture it needs to grow strong and healthy. What most people don't know, is that hair steaming has been proven to increase hair growth rates and it can also aid repair damaged hair. 

Healthy heat to your head increases the blood flow to the scalp, which in turn gives your roots the blood-flow they need to grow longer hair. Most people steam their hair while deep-conditioning, and others choose to instead do an oil treatment.  


Gif of a black woman under a steaming hood, with vapour covering her hair


What Does Steaming Do to the Hair?

Being able to take care of your hair at home is very valuable these days, but sometimes time consuming. Steaming your hair is extremely low-effort, but the benefits you receive in return are many:

1. Increased Hair Growth 

Thanks to the heat, more blood flows to your scalp and up your hair shaft, which makes your hair grow longer. This, combined with good products and care, can help your hair growth journey. 

2. Reduced Breakage

Steaming your hair can result in damage control, as it improves hair elasticity by replenishing it with water. 

After using vapour on your hair, you will be able to feel how much softer and easier to comb it is. 

3. Better Scalp Cleansing

Paired with a scalp brush, steaming is great for dislodging any further dirt and product buildup. If you have a sensitive scalp or predisposition to dandruff or scaly scalp, you should use your steamer to ensure your scalp is well-moisturised.

4. Improved Hair Moisture 

During a wash day routine, the objective is to reinstate the moisture the hair has lost as well as giving it nutrients that make it thrive. Better moisture levels, especially for low-porosity hair, means less breakage and dryness; Which are the first causes for unhealthy natural hair.


How to Steam Your Hair at Home?

If you already have a steamer but haven't used it yet, or are thinking about buying one, remember these few pieces of advice on how to safely steam your hair at home:


  • Less Is More: Don't go ham and steam your hair every day, it will do more harm than good. Instead, make sure to steam your hair once, maximum twice a month during your wash day routine. Using steamers more regularly than this can lead to hair falling out.
  • Always Rinse Cool: Always remember to rinse your hair with cool water if you have done a product treatment with your steamer, this allows the nutrients to be locked inside when the hair cuticles close.
  • 20 Minutes Hair Boost: We advise to use the steamer a maximum of 20 minutes, making sure the vapour is covering all of your hair. 



Pro Tip (Oil it up!)

Include some essential oils in your steaming routine, this will soften the hair even more, and depending on the oil you use, you will see different results thanks to their individual properties. 

Our favourite picks are: 

Rosemary Oil - Perfect for accelerating hair growth and strengthening the hair shaft.

Argan Oil - Great for dry hair that needs extra help to stay hydrated and soft.

Pumpkin Seed Oil - Its anti inflammatory properties help reduce free  damage and irritation on the scalp.

Grape seed Oil - Is used as a natural remedy for baldness, you can use it to treat weak edges and thinning hair.



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