We are using technology to support you as hairstylists

Rent, Learn, and Thrive with Cutting-Edge Hair Tech, we give you the tools to deliver quality services to your clients

  • Build your clientele with our Chair Rentals.
  • Level up your Hairstyling game with Black Hair Boss Academy.
  • Fuel your artistry with professional-grade tools & Products.
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We also offer VTCT Accrediated Education for hairstylists.

  • Our Expert stylists have beentrained to train others

    Learn from experienced VTCT-approved tutors and gain practical experience through our structured training program. 

    • Stand out from the competition with recognized expertise.
    • Network with fellow stylists.
    • Master new techniques.
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  • State of the Art Facility

  • Niyo Hair and beauty saloon isn't just a workplace;
    it's a haven for stylists to thrive. It's a space that
    nurtures their creativity, fuels their ambition, and
    empowers you to deliver exceptional services
    to your clients.

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