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2-in-1 Niyo Hair and Face Steamer 

The hair steamer with Ozone treatment is ideal for treating brittle and damaged hair, moisturising dry skin, and cleansing your pores.

Scalp Brush 

This Scalp Massager Brush is the perfect tool for dandruff control, hair cleansing, and scalp exfoliation. The soft and flexible silicone bristles will not scratch your head or damage delicate scalp skin. When used daily, you can reduce build-up and dandruff on your scalp.

Argan oil Comb 

The wide tooth comb infused with Argan oil, it's great for moisturising and conditioning your hair thanks to the fatty acids that coat the hair shafts. Helps retain moisture while detangling.

Nguvu Conditioner 

After washing your hair, the last thing you want is to face dry and tangled strands of hair. But this product is specially designed for that very purpose. 

Fine Mist spray

Black Spray bottle fine mist plastic bottle with atomiser. Made from non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, and safe material.                   

Suitable for hairdressers, men and women, and beauty salons.


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